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The Personal Magic Book is Here!

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Dec 30th 2011 - Personal Magic/New Year Box Art and Writing Workshop with veterans & staff at the 'Oasis', Prescott (AZ) VA.

RADIO INTERVIEW KYCAM, Prescott. 10/18/2012  (start at -38.45)
Kate talks about her book with Elisabeth Ruffner.


WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE (see details below)

The Personal Magic Book    angel pic
offers you

• tools by which to live your life with confidence, resilience & joy
• more than 23 Personal Magic Activities in writing, art and music
• open spaces on the page to create your personal book
• simple, effective, practical concepts and ideas
• a broad spiritual and creative approach
• designed to access and enhance your skills and knowledge.

Bringing together the body, mind and spirit in a practical, conversational manner, the Personal Magic Workbook will open you to the fun and power of your creativity.

We each have our own path in the world, a calling or passion. When you step into that you are empowered in the best sense of the word. This book will open you to and support you on that path.

"Magic is something you can only practice by doing. You do not become magic by watching a magician. Everyone has their own expression of magic in the world, and you will only experience your true power and joy when you find and live that uniquely you magic"

The Personal Magic 6 Week Series - I will lead you through the book facilitating the exercises in a group setting over 6 weeks. This can also be done by conference call as well as in person. Contact me for more information


Release Your Personal Magic: an Introductory Workshop 
• a paperback copy of the book, signed by the author
• a meditation technique
• some writing 'games' (from the Personal Magic book & Performing Wellness model)
• explore the ways in which the arts and spiritual practice inform your well-being.

I will describe my concept of Personal Magic as a means by which each individual can be a responsible, powerful creator of their life. There will be opportunity for sharing the writing and personal experience generated throughout the workshop.

The intention is to provide an introduction to the creative arts as very real tools to handle emotional upset (such as that caused by stress, anxiety and fear) as well as physical illness. This workshop is essentially an introduction to the Personal Magic book which has much more in the way of information and activities.You will leave with some ideas and practical things to do that will be of value to you in the future.

Each workshop is always a unique thing and while the intention never changes and the basic information/experience I offer is consistent, the actual form/organization may vary.

The 2.5hour workshop begins at $50 per person with a minimum of 6 people.
An individual Personal Magic session can also be requested.

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