Kate Hawkes
"Expressing ourselves as creative entities facilitates our personal wellness"


  • Educator • Personal Coach 
  • Arts in Healthcare and in the Workplace Consultant
  • Theatre Professional
  • Horse Gentler/Guide

Producing Artistic Director of Red Earth Theatre a new live theatre company serving the Verde Valley in Northern Arizona.

SKY...DIAMONDS  October 17-19 and Nov 1-2,  2014
Full Production Performances (Details Here)

Kate will help you to create a powerful personal gift and legacy.
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I am delighted to offer you an introduction into the work I do guided by the passions that light up my life. These include theatre in all forms; teaching (for me more accurately expressed as facilitating); the power and necessity of storytelling for wellbeing at all levels; and horses, with whom I have worked and played all of my life, and who, together with the land itself, keep me grounded.

After 21 years in Oregon, where I arrived from Australia nearly 28 years ago, I came to Sedona in 2008 and work and play in AZ.

I invite you to see how your journey can intersect with mine. Please look through the website and one day we will connect directly.

Be well, Kate.

• arts in healthcare and the workplace consultant  • writer  • director  • actor • producer • motivational speaker • community program & curriculum development • group facilitator

Kate’s aesthetic: ‘Artistic expression is one of the most natural ways we can come to know our Spirit’s Path and we are all artists no matter how we express that or even if we have never knowingly expressed it. Creativity is simply and profoundly, a means by which each of us can come to understand, express and live our life as a unique individual on this planet. It is a basic inherent urge of humanity to create, to tell the stories of our lives and of the world in which we live. When I work with you, you will find your artistic voice and share it in whatever form and capacity works for you.'



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